The reason there is a fairy tale book

The reason there is a fairy tale book

The reason there is a fairy tale book

The reason for the existence of fairy tale books is not because of the funny pictures. When they were children, they would usually be more interested in cute and cute shapes. This is also often seen in some parents who will provide picture book stories for their children.

No wonder at a young age children can be obsessed with fairy tales. Funny and unique are the things most often searched for by many children. Books can be a place for children to seek knowledge and ask questions. There are lots of answers that you can look for and find in books.

An experience can make a person grow and understand everything that exists. Fairy tale books have many great benefits for children. Even though children still cannot read, they have a slightly different mindset from adults. Only by reading a fairy tale book and showing the pictures, the child’s thinking will run automatically. Clyffepypardbushton

The benefits that can be obtained when reading fairy tales are:

Can make children ask questions
Sometimes just looking at pictures can make children not understand the storyline. So that the children will continue to issue a lot of questions. This indicates that his curiosity is very big. Great curiosity can sometimes also make children want to get a satisfying answer.

Good and bad
Every fairy tale book must tell the good and bad stories of the characters in the fairy tale. In fairy tales bad people will experience a disaster and good people will get good deeds. This will allow children to distinguish a person’s attitude even if only at a glance. Teach children to know and introduce the good and bad character of a person.

understand character
can shape a child’s attitude//understand character

Be friends
A story or fairy tale book must tell a main character who has a true friend. Of course, children want to be like characters who have lots of friends and can play together.

Still small but can be a strong child. Wanting to be like his favorite character makes the child start to dare to be strong and fight against all bad people. With a funny and cute face, the villain is even more excited when he sees the child’s behavior.