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  • The emergence of Comic Online

    The emergence of Comic Online

    The emergence of Comic Online The Comic is a story media that uses images. In comic media, it is not only pictures but also writing that is used as a conversation. In the conversation made in the form of speech balloons. Because of the unique shape of the picture and the funny storyline, comics have […]

  • App novels

    App novels

    App novels Year after year Indonesia continues to develop with the times. Want to buy anything now so easy without the hassle? Since the presence of mobile phones with Android devices has provided many conveniences. Can buy and read more easily with a cellphone. With the application of novels, many people who like to read […]

  • Novel


    Novel Ages that are ready to know the world and live independently of course have many hobbies that are not the same as childhood. Sometimes even when we have free time we will use it for exciting and fun things. Reading books is also a way to get rid of boredom at home. Reading a […]

  • Comic


    Comic Hi readers, who are not familiar with comics? Where do you have comics? time goes on and more sophisticated sometimes makes us not escape from development as well. Many industries are developing for the better and more advanced. Not inferior to comics, which have also developed into media that are easy to use and […]

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