The Thomas Spackman Educational Trust


The purpose of the charity is the benefit and advancement of education for children and young people resident in the parishes of Clyffe Pypard and Broad Town. It contributes to this by way of offering grants for further education, vocational apprenticeships or social or physical training to encourage a particular talent in areas like music or sport, and by supporting the work of Broad Town School.  Any young person resident in the parish of Clyffe Pypard or Broad Town is encouraged to apply.   


      The charity is managed by a committee of trustees who are appointed at their annual general meeting, meetings being held about four times a year.


Mrs Karen Hawkins

Mrs Marian Kent

Mrs Jacqueline Wood

The Reverend Rachma Abbott

Mr David Hargrave

Mrs Rosemary Greenway (co-opted 2019)


   Any application for a grant must be received by the 31st of March or the 30th of September and made on the charity’s pro forma. To obtain an application form please contact any of the trustees or write to:-


Applicants will be notified of the trustees’ decision within six weeks of those dates.

Thomas Spackman Educational Trust Grant


Are you, or do you know, a young person living in the Clyffe Pypard or Broad Town area who would benefit from a grant from The Thomas Spackman Educational Trust?

The Charity’s main focus is education or work-related training and apprenticeships but The Charity may also be able to help a promising individual develop a particular talent; perhaps help fund tuition in a musical instrument or develop a sporting skill.

Applying is very easy. If you wish to find out more about the application process, please email or contact Karen Hawkins 01793 853895.

All formal applications need to be in by 31st March 2020.

The next opportunity to apply will be September 2020.

        This Year

The Spackman Trustees have made various awards this year to help the young people of this community develop in various ways. Among the news we are able to share was an award for Mollie who is going to Reading to study Agriculture with plans to become a ruminant nutritionist and return to share that with this community and Sam who is going to Exeter to study Medicine both important things for our community at this time.

The Spackman Charity Annual Report for 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020

The Trustees have met 4 times during the year and after last years AGM we welcomed a new member Rosemary Greenway    

The awards made during the year were various including core tuition for 2 children, a contribution to a local Rangers trip to India and three awards to Broad Town school 

The Spackman Trustees also agreed to transfer monies to the COIF investment fund to try to increase our investment income

The date for the AGM is unknown at present but we will continue to hold our usual meetings by zoom to consider any grant applications 

 Karen Hawkins (Chair of the Thomas Spackman Trust)

From Molly - To all at the Spackman charity,

Thank you very much for my cheque that I received yesterday. I am incredibly grateful as it will go a long way and make such a difference. Thank you again for this fabulous opportunity 

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