The Thomas Spackman Educational Trust


The purpose of the charity is the benefit and advancement of education for children and young people resident in the parishes of Clyffe Pypard and Broad Town. It contributes to this by way of offering grants for further education, vocational apprenticeships or social or physical training to encourage a particular talent in areas like music or sport, and by supporting the work of Broad Town School.  Any young person resident in the parish of Clyffe Pypard or Broad Town is encouraged to apply.   


      The charity is managed by a committee of trustees who are appointed at their annual general meeting, meetings being held about four times a year.


Mrs Karen Hawkins

Mrs Marian Kent

Mrs Jacqueline Wood

The Reverend Rachma Abbott

Mr David Hargrave

Mrs Eve Clements


   Any application for a grant must be received by the 31st of March or the 30th of September and made on the charity’s pro forma. To obtain an application form please contact any of the trustees or write to:-


Applicants will be notified of the trustees’ decision within six weeks of those dates.