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Photograph reproduced by kind premission © Katie Norman 'Jubilee celebrations'

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 The Goddard Arms at Clyffe Pypard


Dear Neighbour,

You may already know that The Goddard Arms Pub in Clyffe Pypard 

                is again to be disposed of by the current owners.


                                        Before June 24th 2019, 

Offers to the vendor can be made in respect of retaining the pub as a community asset. 

         After that date, if the local community has no appetite for retaining the asset,

                           It will be sold on the open market.


                       We could all own a share of a great local pub 

We could all be part of a democratic body of pub-lovers with an equal financial share 

   and interest in resurrecting and running a community asset like The Goddard Arms.

The cost to, say, 100 investors of buying and refurbishing The Goddard Arms could be as

  little as £4,000 each. The advantage of having a larger number of investors is that if

an individual wanted at any point to withdraw their share, it is more easily purchased 

                 by the remaining 99 investors or offered to another investor.


That's 100 pub-lovers that could bring at least 1 guest to our new community asset.

                 You get the idea………………

If you think it's a good one, please register your interest by email to


You will be invited to an initial meeting planned to take place within 10 days, 

                   given the short time frame.

             We look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew, Bushton &

Andrew, Clyffe Pypard.