The county libraries will be trying to open sometime soon but would like to get

opinions on what services are provided.


They will have to take into account COVID-19 guidelines and social distancing measures but the options being considered include:-

1.An 'order and collect' service from August 10 at some main library hubs and then each community area from October.

2.The above plus bookable computer access

3.From the end of August - Socially distanced access to a maximum of six libraries for browsing/loan and computer access - subject to staff capacity and distancing requirements


Consultation is ongoing and will close on July 26th

 For more details look on the Wiltshire Council website

Home Library Service

The home library service is for Wiltshire residents who want to continue reading or listening to books and audio items but are unable to visit the library and have no-one to collect items on their behalf. If a friend or relative can visit the library on your behalf, please ask us about becoming an assisted reader.

The home library service is there for people of any age who are:

• blind or partially sighted

• disabled in some way

• suffering a long-term illness

• recovering from an operation and in need of short term help

• elderly and frail

• unable to carry library books

• carers who cannot easily leave home

• experiencing mental health problems.

 How does the service work?

A member of library staff will talk to you about what you like to read.

They will then visit you at home with a library volunteer and bring you some books.

Every few weeks, the library volunteer will call at a time to suit you and exchange your books.

You can borrow every kind of book, in standard or large print and also audio books on CD. Choose from crime, romance, family stories or historical novels. Or, if you prefer, biographies, hobby and craft books, war stories and local history titles.

There are no fines or charges for this service and you can request items too.What do I do now?

If you would like the home library service please contact us. You can:

Contact your local library or telephone the Access and Volunteer Manager on 01225 713706 Email: