Saving The Goddard Arms

Save The Goddard Arms


A planning application has been submitted to Wiltshire Council to turn the pub into a private dwelling. If this happens the parish will lose its last remaining pub. 


This application has now been refused by Wiltshire Parish Council


Many of you will be aware that a planning application relating to the Goddard Arms has been lodged with Wiltshire Council ;

The application reference is 20/0981/CLE if you would like to view the details and associated documents.


The application is for a certificate of lawful use i.e. the owner seeks to prove that the building has been in continuous use as a residential dwelling for four years.

Details of what this involves can be found be using the following links


Planning Portal Guidance (a useful starting point) -

Government Guidance –

Relevant legislation (Town and Country Planning Act 1990) -



The importance of a pub to our community is not in doubt, with numerous surveys, including the most recent neighbourhood plan questionnaire, repeatedly proving this. It’s this support that has driven the parish council to list the Goddard Arms as an asset of community value, and to support the Goddard’s steering group to try and buy the pub last year, and there are already several letters that have been sent to the council.


Information relating to the need / desire for retaining the pub is not relevant to this application, but it does serve as a reminder of what we are striving for.


This application seeks to establish that the whole of the property has been used for private residential use for the required period of 4 years and will be judged on the evidence provided by the applicant. The Parish Council intend  challenging this .


If anybody else has evidence to the contrary and wishes to challenge this assertion then that evidence needs to be submitted to Wiltshire Council via the planning portal.


If you have information or questions you can contact us in the usual way.  or our Wiltshire Councillor


Peter Gantlett Chairman Clyffe Pypard Parish Council  



The Goddard Arms

To misquote Lady Bracknell , to lose one pub could be regarded as a misfortune to lose two …..

How have we got to where we are?.  We used to have two successful pubs, then the Goddard was taken over by a family who seemed ill equipped to run it and with fears for its future the Parish Council unanimously agreed to list it as an asset of community value. The planning authorities made it clear , change of use would not be granted , the pub was offered to the community to buy, but unfortunately their was no interest , so it was sold at auction.

Along a parallel track the Trotting Horse seemed to be heading the same way, it was suggested it too should be listed , but there was insufficient support on the parish council , and when the application for change of use came forward one councillor actively supported it.

It is open for debate whether their was ever a serious attempt to run the pub, when compared to the independent valuation obtained for the Goddard , it is clear Wiltshire Council made an error in granting change of use .

However the harsh reality is it was unlikely two pubs could be kept open, we are assured by Wiltshire Council that they will treat a change of use application for the last pub in the village , much more rigorously, including appointing their own independent valuer . This will be of little comfort to the numerous people who expressed their support to keep the Trotting Horse open, not all writing to the council, which is an important lesson.  

Perhaps, because of the Trotting Horse , when there seemed to be an opportunity to buy the Goddard Arms, supporters , investors , came forward in their droves, but for the moment that opportunity is on hold, what is certain as a result of the Trotting Horse , is that any change of use is not going to happen , to quote the late Paddy Ashdown, "if it does I will eat my hat!"

Happy Christmas      Peter Gantlett Parish Council Chair

Following the last community meeting where we shared an update with you all, we’ve made an offer for The Goddard Arms but it has been rejected but negotiations are ongoing and we will keep you informed if there is any progress


If you wish to join us or want more information please contact 

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