The Neighbourhood Plan

Photograph reproduced by kind premission ©Ed Rudler 'Winter Walk'


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been focused on finalising the questionnaire to help complete the information gathering exercise with the intention of having this ready for distribution in early spring. However, the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to remain home to limit contact has led to a decision to delay circulation of the questionnaire. Work on the Neighbourhood Plan will continue, and the questionnaire will be circulated at a future time when the situation has stabilised and life has returned to something closer to normality.


Please have a say in the future of our Parish. 


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 

   Has been working hard building on the enormous amount of work that went in to the community plan of 2015. A grant has now been awarded

for this purpose, for consultation, printing and in particular for the use of

Survey Monkey to assimilate the results

  This ongoing plan will provide a supportive framework for neighbourhood planning which offers an opportunity for our parishioners to influence the design of development in line with specific community aspirations. 


We hope that you will voice your opinion in the forth-coming questionnaire

which you can complete either, on paper, or preferably, on-line,

which will make it an easier and quicker process for you 
- and for us too !

So please register your email and address with our Parish Clerk, Diane at……………
      All details will be safely kept by the Parish Council

only for the use of the neighbourhood plan
Many thanks go to those people who have already registered


We would also like to invite those people who live outside the parish

but who have a direct involvement in the parish 
such as owning property/land or regularly working in

or using its facilities such as the church or village hall,


Please to get in touch to provide your views


Please look out for more information on the revised timetable for circulation of the questionnaire in future newsletters, on the parish website, newsletter and on Nextdoor ( 





                                    The Housing Needs Survey Results

           One of the responses we’ve had whilst out knocking on doors has been “I thought we did that last year?”. This was the Housing Needs Survey which asked residents about their housing needs and sought their views regarding their acceptance of new housing provision in the parish to meet Affordable Housing needs. The results of that survey have only recently been collated and will be made available at the drop-in sessions and on the Parish website.

There were 61 replies to the survey which is a response rate of about 43%.  Additionally there were 9 replies to Part 2 of the survey that concerned Affordable Housing needs. About three-quarters of those responding supported some development in the Parish, the majority of those favouring development limited to between 4 and 10 new dwellings. Four of the responses express Affordable Housing needs.



                                                 Affordable Housing

         It’s worth noting that Affordable Housing does not simply mean housing that is affordable. It has a specific meaning which is set out in the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework. Very broadly, it means housing for sale or rent for those whose needs are not met by the open housing market which meet certain criteria set down by law. The different forms of Affordable Housing all have in common restrictions to ensure that they remain Affordable Housing for future tenants or owner-occupiers.

Clyffe Pypard H Survey Report final.pd[...]
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