Clyffe Pypard Parish Council


To contact Clyffe Pypard Parish Council please email


Chairman:                  Peter Gantlett Woodhill Park Farm,

                                   Tel 07713114342 


Vice Chairman:           Gwen Clarke


Parish Clerk & RFO:     Diane Zeitzen


                                    Tel 07828630764


Councillors:                  Marian Kent, Rosemary Greenway, 

                                    Jenny Lake, John Hughes




Wiltshire Councillor:   Alison Bucknell


Wiltshire Website:


Parish Councillors Declaration of Interest:



Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner(Coronavirus) (Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020  SI 395 2020) that was laid 6th April 2020 with regards to by-elections and neighbourhood planning referendums:


•            All local government, Police and Crime Commissioner, Mayoral and London Assembly by-elections will be deferred to 6 May 2021

              This means that there will not be a poll to fill the casual vacancy and that it will be filled at the poll at the ordinary four-yearly cycle elections in 2021

•            All local referendums (neighbourhood planning, council tax and section 116 local advisory polls) are to be deferred to 6 May 2021

              This means the referendums will be held instead on the ordinary day of election in 2021.


The Government has indicated that the situation will be kept under review and if safe to do so, further legislation will be laid that will permit by-elections and referendums sooner than 6 May 2021.


Contact parish clerk for more information .

Parish Council News


      You may have noticed coming down Clyffe Hill that we now have a smart new “Please Drive Carefully”  Parish sign. So a big thank you goes to Ian Fraser for designing and organising this. 

       You may also have noticed at the top of the hill that the Bupton / Lyneham signpost has had a facelift


       Soon to be installed for the Whitehorse Way are the Kissing gates which should improve access through the fields.



       On which subject you may have heard the unfolding saga of the escaped highland bull, which could be followed on Next Door and U tube. Two cows and the bull were allowed access to Clyffe through a gate having been left open. The two cows were located and returned to the field with the help of several residents equipped with torches but the bull remained undercover until he was found the following morning at North Farm in Bushton - but not before getting his mugshot taken at Applecart Farm on Wood Street. 

       Though amusing in hind site it could have been very serious had walkers been confronted with this vision in the half light.







    You may have noticed the tall posts that have been installed along the Withy bed. These are to take a SID ( speed indicator device ) which will flash the speed limit at anyone traveling too fast. More importantly they will give us accurate information on speeding traffic which can be reported to the authorities for action .

       We now need to beg, borrow, or share a SID, which is being actioned.