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Clyffe Pypard Parish Council


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Chairman:                  Ayhan Dawood


Vice Chairman:           Chris Rickett


Parish Clerk & RFO:                               



Councillors:                  Marian Kent,  John Hughes Tony Billington

                                     Chris Stubbings, Guy Rickett, Chris Rickett




Wiltshire Councillor:   Alison Bucknell


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             I would like to start by congratulating the successful candidates in the recent Parish election, and commiserating with those that weren’t.

 While the Parish Council can raise money on the precept, it has financially supported many activities in the Parish through grant applications to other bodies. In the past this has enabled substantial improvements to the village hall, and more recently acquisitions such as the defibrillator, some kissing gates, and the newly installed audio equipment. It has also successfully applied for grants to fund the costs of the Neighbourhood Plan, the plan, initiated by the Parish Council, that will reflect the wishes of the whole Parish. Once passed it will require Wiltshire Council to take note of the Parish’s views.

            The Council has to work collaboratively with others most notably Wiltshire Highways. This requires persistence and patience, the water issue by Bellcroft Farm, finally addressed; the water issue by Parsonage Cottage, still to be resolved, although the Parish has identified the problem.

Councillors need to work together, and it has been my pleasure to work with a number of different members over the years. Recently Gwen Clarke and John Hughes, who have shouldered the issues relating to Highways and the Parish Steward; Rosemary Greenway the newsletter and website. My thanks to all of you I have shared the responsibility of being a Parish Councillor with. I thank Ed Ruddler, and Gwen for being Vice Chairman during my tenure as Chair, and the great support they gave me. I will also mention Jenny Lake, who has just retired, to “spend more time with her grandchildren”. Jenny and I joined the council at the same time, about 20 years ago, we also worked together on the village hall committee and PCC. For about 16 years we worked together sharing the role of Clerk, her efficiency and financial acumen a huge asset to this Parish. Four years ago the council decided to employ a professional Clerk , and it has been my pleasure to work with Diane for the last few years. She is knowledgeable, diligent, at all times professional, she is helpful and polite to everyone who contacts her. Diane, is also Clerk to two neighbouring parishes. Sadly, I became aware that the unacceptable and regrettable comments and behaviour, by others, was causing her to consider resignation.


             It’s been a challenging year for everyone. Personally I have been subject to two Code of Conduct complaints. While both complaints concluded that I had not breached the code, it has taken its toll on me and cost a huge amount of wasted time and money for Wiltshire Council. It is regrettable that neither complainant was willing to countenance alternative resolutions, for example, mediation. I am very appreciative of all the support I received, especially from Diane, who as Clerk was aware of the details, and the origins of the complaints, and this has played a part in her decision to resign.


             On the 6th of May Allison Bucknell was elected for a further term as our Wiltshire Councillor, she now has two more Parishes to cover, who like us will benefit from her wealth of knowledge, expertise, but most of all, her persistence in getting a ‘result’ for our Parish, with issues raised with her. Thankyou Allison, and a personal thank you for the support you have given me over the years 

My Wife, Anita and I have enjoyed helping and working for this community from the time we moved here, ranging from helping with the scenery at the children’s pantomimes directed by Marian Kent, (her cameo performances etched on my memory) to washing and oiling the hall floor, making teas for the plant fair, planting trees at the village hall, and blocking the rooks from filling the church clock tower with nesting material, some examples. Primarily we have enjoyed working with all the other volunteers who make this community tick.

We are still here to help, just probably done with committees. To all of you who have kindly commented ‘enjoy your retirement’ - Anita and I run a thriving business, so retirement is not on the cards, for a while, God and health willing!     


From Peter Gantlett  


      You may notice coming down Clyffe Hill that the spring water comng out of the bank down the hill has now been channelled towards the drain. This is a fantastic creation from the lads at Wiltshire Council, It has been a long time coming but we thank them for doing such a lovely job




          You may have noticed the tall posts that have been installed along the Withy bed. These are to take a SID ( speed indicator device ) which will flash the speed limit at anyone traveling too fast. More importantly they will give us accurate information on speeding traffic which can be reported to the authorities for action .

       We now need to beg, borrow, or share a SID, which is being actioned.