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Parish Council Elections Thursday 6 May 2021

The link below gives list of the nominations. There are 11 candidates standing for 7 seats so there will be an election

Any queries or for further information please contact the parish clerk



Nominations for Clyffe Pypard Parish Council - Election 6 May 2021
Nominations for Clyffe Pypard Parish Council - Election 6 May 2021
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Notice of Parish Council Elections


North_Parish_notice_of_election March 20[...]
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Rights of Way Information
Rights of Way Information
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Footpaths -If you would like to be involved in the footpaths/rights of way group, please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance.


 Please report any footpath issues, broken stiles, blocked paths etc to the parish clerk. The Parish Council will contact  the land owners. The Parish Council has no powers of enforcement in this area but do get a lot of issues resolved. if this doesn't resolve the issue then the next course of action is to contact Wiltshire Council

Please remember to close gates to stop livestock straying.


Road Traffic Accidents - The Parish Council would like residents to continue reporting any accidents to the parish clerk. This information will highlight accident black spots and help towards finding ways to make the area safer for everyone


Parish Stewards -Please report any tasks for the parish steward to the parish clerk. 

Tasks Parish Steward can carry out - Hand clearing of small grips. Rodding of small calverts & manholes. Hand cleaning of road gully tops.Filling small potholes with cold asphalt, Hedge trimming aound road signs to maintain visibility, but not wholesale hedge cutting as this needs to be done by the landowner. Washing Highway signs. Over-run damage. Strimming of grass verges for visibility at junctions & of highway signs. Streaming out overgrown vegetation obstructing footpaths & pavements. Spraying & clearing weeds, debris & leaves in road edges, gutters & pavements, but not picking litter. Painting railings away from water. When observed, reporting any damaged road signs or drain covers to Wiltshire Council.


Litter Picking

 The Parish Council have a selection of litter-picking equipment for use by residents.       

Several litter pickers, 3 hoops , 3 pairs of gloves and 3 high viz vests plus some bags. They can be available to any one who wants to use them from the village hall.     

                           Phone Peter on 07713 114342 



Nat West Community Banker, Caroline Gray.

Caroline holds a drop in session in the library for Nat West customers who need help and advice. She has a private room where she can help with online or telephone banking. She cannot take or give out any cash.

Caroline can also meet housebound and more vulnerable customers in their home or another convenient meeting place.

She is also happy to give talks to groups about Scam awareness and Moneysense (which is aimed mainly at children and young people). Please contact her if you are interested in a session.

RWB Library......Thursdays..............10-12.0 am

Marlborough Library.......Friday.........10-12.0 am

Emergency Plan 2019 Clyffe Pypard Parish Council
Emergency Plan 2019 Clyffe Pypard Parish Council
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