Book Recycling

Book Recycling

Book Recycling

Recycling books is something that is rarely done. For those of you who like to be creative, of course, any material can be a proud work of art. One of them is a book that can be conjured into a very unique work. Having lots of books certainly shows you really like reading.

To be able to take care of your favorite book, of course, you have to prepare several bookshelves to store it. But if you have several books that you no longer use, you can turn the books into recycling. Recycling books are not like reading books anymore. you can recycle it into a creation that is unique and of high value.


By recycling books that you don’t use, you can help clean up the room and not a lot of book waste that piles up. Of course, you are curious about what creations you can make with books. Here are some works that you can make such as: Clyffepypard-bushton

Turning a book into a wallet is certainly very exciting. No one else will suspect anything because the form you are carrying is actually a book. Just juggling the contents in the book as a place for money.

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Shopping bag
Bring a small bag to make your luggage easier. You can turn it into a small tote bag with a strong handle. To be able to make a strong shopping bag, of course, you have to pay attention to the book cover. If the cover is thin then the bag can be damaged. choose a material that is thick and strong so that it can be used as a small bag.


There are many ledgers that are not being used. Of course, you can magic it into a storage room. Messy files can be tidied up by using a large book as a file storage shelf. It’s just that in this storage you have to use files that are not heavy so that the storage book is not damaged or torn.


Of course, you’ve seen several scenes where someone takes a gun out of a book. Even though the book is very tight, it doesn’t look like a box. Then you can conjure books with thick pages as boxes. Not as a place to store weapons, of course. Rather, it is a place for storing jewelry. Really cool that the crooks and thieves won’t know the storage space you created.