Hi readers, who are not familiar with comics? Where do you have comics? time goes on and more sophisticated sometimes makes us not escape from development as well. Many industries are developing for the better and more advanced. Not inferior to comics, which have also developed into media that are easy to use and read.

When you see comics, of course, many are confused about the plot and how to read it. Comics are storybooks that have lots of pictures with little conversation. Each picture will show a storyline that is easy to understand. Each comic storyline has a different plot.

No page number

Clyffepypard-bushton – Unique pictures with funny shapes are able to attract the attention of readers. To increase the interest of readers, the comic makers deliberately made a different version of the book. The presence of comics is indeed very helpful for children to read and so have a lot of imagination in every word they say.

Those who have never read comics may be confused about the storyline so they are not interested. Unlike those who have read comic books, it is very easy to find the first plot of the story. So easy to read and know the steps – every step of the story. Comic books are different from textbooks in that each page has a page number.

Comic reading age

Picture storybooks that do not have page numbers. Make readers who read every time must put a sign at every stop reading. At what age do people like comics? If I answer this question honestly, I’m also not sure at what age people like comics.

conversation with side writing//story

From the results of observations, in general, comics start to be liked by children from the age of 10 to 25 years. He is still young in reading comics. Because the comic has a pictorial form that has a few conversations that can be found in some children’s storybooks as well. Comics are also liked by adults aged 40 years who still like comics.

Comic shape

To find out whether the story in a comic is interesting or not, they usually read the description on the back of the book cover. This is one of the characteristics of looking for interesting stories in comic books. It is similar to a children’s short story that has pictures and writing on each picture.

Although somewhat similar, the actual form of comics is slightly different from short stories such as:

Using pictures and text
There is a balloon conversation either in the heart of the opponent’s conversation
Capable of attracting the emotions of the readers
Speak more in everyday language
Has a variety of storylines
The formation of comic characters is made easy to understand
There is an element of humor in every reading.
From these characteristics, comics are almost described as illustrated stories that use many pages to form the story of the game’s characters. Comics are not just one series present, but many series. If we open comics in the millennial year we will only find cartoon versions of comics.

Types of comics

There are actually many versions of the comics such as:
Comic with online
Comic with a short plot
Comic book
In the 20th century, comics came out more often in the form of books that had attractive covers. And in the millennial year, comics are more often read using an online system where we have to download applications and read using quotas or the internet.