Difference between comic and novel

Difference between comic and novel

Difference between comic and novel

There are many differences between comics and novels. Many people think that comic books and novels are the same. But without them knowing it really isn’t. Various types of titles and readings continue to be present in the community. It becomes a habit when not reading comics or novels it feels empty. Since the emergence of illustrated stories, children will immediately buy and read them.

Interest in novels and comics can also be seen from a person’s age. When they were children they would prefer picture books with interesting stories. After getting older, my interest in reading comics turned into reading novels. So do not be surprised if the novel is now preferred by children, teenagers, and adults. Clyffepypard-bushton

To find out the difference, you can from some of the writing of pictures and book covers in more detail, such as:


A reading that uses pictures with the conversation using balloons. There are many types of comics, from black and white comics to color comics. Since the emergence of the first comic, many have been confused about how to read it. To be able to know how to read, you can look at the pages of the book that are written with numbers or you can also look at the cover of the book. Seen the cover of the book, which is the main cover, is opened and the story is read from right to left.

many differences//Comic

Comics emerged in the 20th century as an intermediary for cartoon films. It’s no wonder that ten to fifteen-year-olds love comics. It has beautiful pictures and not too much writing. From this explanation, it can be stated that the differences are:
Using pictures
Conversation a little using a speech bubble
Interesting cover


When compared with comics, novels produce more writing. There are no pictures in the novel. So those who want to start reading will certainly be surprised and dizzy. When reading a novel, you can enter only by reading casually and using your imagination to capture the story of the novel. There are also those who use the strains of music as a medium of introduction to the novel’s storyline. Everyone has a unique habit of reading novels.
For novels:
Many posts
Don’t use pictures
Bold page
The Cover according to the author’s wishes