Ages that are ready to know the world and live independently of course have many hobbies that are not the same as childhood. Sometimes even when we have free time we will use it for exciting and fun things. Reading books is also a way to get rid of boredom at home.

Reading a lot of books can certainly be a very good free time. Moreover, the book he is reading is his favorite novel, of course, he doesn’t want to be left behind, right? Those who like to read novels, of course, know what a novel is and how it takes the form of a novel. A Novel is a written work that contains the story of the author’s imagination.

A reading medium full of imagination

Every imagination creates a storyline that has a different background. Many types of novel titles are scattered in every bookstore. Such work can make people touched, cry, and happy. Novels are also called written literary works where every writing is made up and printed into a book. Clyffepypard-bushton

Almost everyone likes to read novels. Feels like watching tv but through books. Media can make us float and imagine with every word in the book. Getting so high emotions in every story. In the storyline, the novel has a variety of writing locations. Many experts give different opinions about the novel.

From this opinion, it can be seen from the details of researchers such as:

  • If the story presented by the novel is taken from the story of someone by highlighting the nature and character of the original. A long essay in prose.
  • Has a long word writing of six to two hundred thousand words.
  • The point of view is so complex and has a smooth plot story
  • Storybooks that are not short and also not long have a place and region in each writing.
    Out of all the details of the novel, which one do you like? Almost everything in detail has the same meaning and purpose. It is true that the novel has many words in its writing. Also, every story in the story will present the location of the novel characters present.
many versions of novels//exciting

For those of you who like to read novels, of course, you are not confused about how to find a good and interesting novel. At the age of teenagers who like to read books, of course, it is not difficult to read novels. Interest in novels can also bring great writers – great. To become a great writer and be liked by readers, the writer must first know about some of the elements that make a novel possible.

There are two elements that can help writers become great novelists. The elements present are:
  • Entrainment
  • And intrinsic
    If you understand these two elements, it will make it easier for you to write a paper. Novel lovers will certainly spend a lot to be able to give a new book series. It can be expensive and a wasted wait. There are many types of novels that we can find together in the meaning of novels.
Types of novels
  1. Novels printed in books
    When they succeed in forming writing and feel the storyline is interesting, the book printers will also form writing on paper into book form
  2. Through a special online application for novels
    Reading novels is now practical and easy, you don’t need to use books anymore. Reading novels can be done online which can be downloaded via the application.
  3. Novel series and many more types of novels
    In novels that are always present, there are also serialized novels where there are always many episodes.