Planner function

Planner function

Planner function

The function of the agenda book is very much and you can already use it. An agenda book is almost the same as a notebook or diary. Almost all employees always prepare an agenda book to write down a number of important things that are needed so that when they start work they don’t forget their goals. When compared with cell phones, agenda books are more widely used.

Not just as an office notebook. But it can also be used in several other activities. Surely some of you are curious and want to know, right? Here are some things about the agenda book, namely:

Sign out and sign in

Agenda books are also often used as a notebook for goods in and out. Of course not just write. The book will include the date of entry and date of exit and don’t forget to also write down the name of the taker. So many details make it easier for you to keep track of all the items. Clyffepypard-bushton


It’s not just knowing the date of entry and exit. Those of you who write everything in the agenda book can also find out how many items are coming in and out. Make notes often, so it’s easier for you to know the amount.

important book
easily find all data//important book

Quick and easy

When looking for goods, of course, all you need is the name and number of the item. With the pseudo agenda book, it’s faster and the search for items is easier.

Working hours
Not only do you record incoming and outgoing items, but you can also use an agenda book as a work schedule book. Usually, secretaries record more of the client’s meeting time with his boss. The agenda book must always be ready and cannot be left behind.

Important information
Without realizing it, important information often has to be recorded immediately so you don’t forget. This often happens when clients suddenly add or remove things they don’t want.

It’s no wonder that there are so many bookstores that have prepared agenda books that you can carry and pocket anywhere.