Precious treasure

Precious treasure

Precious treasure

What do you think is the most valuable treasure? Many think the most valuable treasure is money, gold, silver, and many other kinds. That’s true when you are asked what is the most valuable treasure. Of course, you still answer the same as what I wrote.

But if the question is what is your treasure for old age? A question that can sometimes make us stuck and can’t say anymore. The most valuable treasure for old age is, of course, the answer to the book.

Why books?

Clyffepypard-bushton – Books store all knowledge and also writings that are full of many meanings. Without a book, your life will be empty and empty. Can’t reminisce about the things that made you happy and proud. However, many people think that books are just a guide for reading.

Not everyone thinks that books are valuable. Hearing this, of course, those of you who like to read books will be very sad when listening to them, right? Based on the information obtained, Indonesia is in the lowest reading order from UNESCO. It’s a pity that not out of thousands of Indonesians there are only a few who read books and some who don’t.

the most valuable knowledge//Book

Reasons for declining books

Time continues to advance and technology continues to evolve. Likewise, electronic goods are constantly changing into products that are coveted by many people. Because sophistication makes them only pursue technology. This is what makes the book invisible to the public. However, there are several things that also affect the decline in books, namely the price of books that are so expensive.

Books are one of the most highly valued ones. Because the raw materials in making books are very expensive, many people cannot buy them. So it’s only natural that books start to decline. Books can be a source of inspiration for many people. But books can also make people take the wrong path. So if you like reading, you don’t have to buy it.

There is a term that says love to read does not mean you have to buy it. You can use a sophisticated system, such as reading online media, online news, or several other types of books.