The advantages and disadvantages of the book

The advantages and disadvantages of the book

The advantages and disadvantages of the book

The advantages and disadvantages of books can certainly be considered by many people. Books are windows to the world. All information in the world and all corners of the country is contained in the book. Even books are also one of the guides for learning for many people. Without a book, all information will not be easy to find.

Has many benefits for children and adults. Various types of books are scattered all over the world, textbooks, novels, knowledge, and storybooks. The function of the book is also very much like:
Get to know world information
Develop thinking power
Can change someone’s life with science and others.


Clyffepypard-bushton – Of the many types of books, of course, you will be confused in reading them. For book lovers, of course, whatever the title of the book they will have and learn. It’s just that books also have some unexpected advantages and disadvantages. For those of you who like to read books, of course, you will take good care of the book, right?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of books

Has lots of information
Sometimes to find an answer many people are looking for books. Various types of information and answers can be found in the book. Information that can help people to be more advanced and know what the world at large is like. It’s no wonder that ancient smart people were successful and successful.

full of books
Books are windows to the world//full of books

Its unique shape makes people interested in buying it. Regardless of the contents of the book, most people buy based on the unique cover of the book. Like a storybook that has an attractive cover so that many children are interested and buy it.

Books can also be a guide for children who are running out of references. Looking for some input and trying to come up with some words they can use as references
Whatever the form of the book all will be easily damaged. several layers of thin paper will tear easily when you unknowingly pull it roughly, are exposed to rain, and weathered. This is what sometimes people have to be careful when carrying books

Not a book that is often used by many people. But you have to use a lot of books to be able to get the information you are looking for. A small place will become crowded and crowded because of the books that keep piling up like a mountain.

The longer the book you keep, the more mushrooms will hide in the book. The color of the book which is like white cotton will change like paper exposed to coffee water changes color to shabby and dirty.