The origin of the legend

The origin of the legend

The origin of the legend

Legend is a folklore that has several elements of stories about magical things. Many children, of course, like legendary stories. Each character in the story always brings exciting stories with a variety of storylines. Reading books is the main key to educating children to love books and love to read.

In reading a book, of course, there are several stages that are divided based on the age and theme of the reading. Starting from toddlers who are presented with funny fairy tales full of happy endings accompanied by beautiful picture forms. Young children will choose books that are full of interesting pictures and full of bright colors and teenagers and adults are starting to like novels.


Clyffepypard-bushton – From the distribution of versions of reading books, it will be easier for us to find several guidebooks that we want to read. Although many children have grown up and are starting to like reading heavy material. They also sometimes still like to read legends based on their own version.

Legend stories have quite interesting value for their readers. Each story has many meanings and good advice. Legend stories are folk tales that also tell the history and origins of each different place. Indonesia has many stories of various cultures making various legends.

About legend

Of course, many are asking – Ask why should be given the title of legend? legend in English written legend. There are several responses that have different meanings for the legend. Although different opinions still have one meaning. Legend stories are taken from folk tales that have existed in the past. An incident has happened but there are several stories added based on the author’s imagination.

There is also an opinion that until now has been used as an appropriate review, namely that the legend is a folk tale that has been passed down by ancestors to their grandchildren. Legend basically only tells of origins, such as about ancient kingdoms, giving names, and many other types.

Understanding the storyline

In reading the legend, of course, there are some characteristics that are easy to see. Each story has a plot that is quite easy to understand, such as each story uses human characters, the place of the story is always moving, has a worldly nature, and the story always has a continuous story.

To be able to find legends, we can see several types of legends with different versions. Every place and culture spread throughout Indonesia has a different version of folklore. So when you read a legend you must first know where the story came from and what culture the book was written about.

4 types often appear in legends

Almost all legend stories have the same plot if we look closely. But it turns out that the legend has a type that we can distinguish, namely:

  • Regarding the occult
  • Local legend
  • Adventure
  • And religious
    With these 4 variations, we know which legends we can read. Sometimes many readers can’t tell the difference between myth and legend. Because the background of the story is almost the same, it makes many readers think the same. Whereas the myths of the stories are taken based on cultural traditions, full of supernatural powers, and full of mystery in each story. While the legend is taken from the origins that have happened in the past.