The thickest book in the world

The thickest book in the world

The thickest book in the world

The thickest book in the world turns out to be able to overwhelm the reader. When discussing books, of course, you remember the books you like. As you know, books have different numbers of sheets. The thicker the book, the more new words you can find.

But what about a book that is a thousand pages thick? Books that turned out to have a lot of thickness and number. When read it may take up to months – months. This book, which is thick and has many pages, was not only made for one type only. there are several books that you can find with different thicknesses.

Surely you are curious, right? The following are the names of the thickest books in the world, namely:

Shree Haricharitramrut Sagar’s book

One of the books turned out to have quite a lot of thickness. Writing a book, takes almost thirteen years, five months, and fourteen days. Do you know that the thickness of Shree Haricharitramrut Sagar’s book is twelve thousand four hundred and four? This very thick book made it into the Guinness world record. Clyffepypard-bushton

Bawwabatun Najah
A thick book containing many words of Pearls, Algerian poets, about success, and so on. Almost ten thousand five hundred and fifty-one pages have been collected and made into one book. The writer who always takes the time to write beautiful words every day.

Miss Marple
A thick book turns out to weigh eight kilograms. The contents of the book are in the form of a story. Many don’t think that Miss Marple’s book is a novel. A novel that has four thousand pages. In every novel that is made inseparable. The collected series reached twelve series. For those of you who like crime stories, you won’t waste the opportunity to read Miss Marple’s book. Did you know that Miss Marple was made in one thousand nine hundred thirty to one thousand nine hundred and seventy-six?

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