Bushton & Clyffe Pypard Village Hall Charges / Terms & Conditions


Monday to Friday 5pm from £9 per hour

Friday Evening 6pm onwards, Saturday & Sunday from £11 per hour


Please note that hire charges apply to set-up time at the rated shown above







Welcome to the Village Hall, serving Clyffe Pypard & Bushton  We hope your use of it will be a pleasant experience and you will come again.  Here are some notes to guide you.


HIRING:  The individual or organisation hiring the hall is responsible for care and safety of the hall while using it. Fire Regulations limit use to 80 people when seated, or 110 when standing.  Please also ensure that car-parking stays within the car park or its extension, and does not cause any obstruction in the road.


EQUIPMENT:  If hall tables and chairs are used, please do not take them outside, but do kindly replace them as found, in the alcove at the end of the hall.  The large white folded tables should be stored with the black handles uppermost for ease of moving.  There are trolleys for moving five chairs at once.  Otherwise, please LIFT chairs.  Any equipment belonging to the Hirer left in storage in the hall is at the Hirer's own risk.


HEATING:  The hall has underfloor heating and wall-mounted heaters on a timer control.  For further information, or if there is a problem, please call 07713 114342.


KITCHEN:  The kitchen is equipped with two cookers, a larder fridge and a second one with an ice box. There are facilities for preparing and serving food and hand washing. There are two sinks for washing up. If preparing, serving and/or selling food, please make sure it is carried out hygienically. Please leave all appliances as you find them.


ALCOHOL:  The hall has no drinks licence.  The Hirer is responsible for obtaining a licence for any sale of alcoholic drinks.


CROCKERY etc:  Crockery, cutlery and some glasses will be found in the kitchen cupboards, and you are welcome to use them.  Please wash up and replace where they were found.  We would appreciate any breakages being reported so that items can be replaced.


TOILETS:  These, including the disabled toilet, are well maintained and cleaned.  In the unlikely event that there is a shortage of toilet paper or paper towels, please ring the number at the bottom of this page.


CLEANING: Please leave the hall as you find it.  If it is left dirty, the committee reserve the right to charge users.  They may also ask for a deposit when booking to cover this eventuality.


FIREWORKS: Fireworks are not allowed on or near the premises due to the proximity of animals at ANY time of year.


RUBBISH and RECYCLING:  Please take away all your rubbish. The Village Hall does not have a rubbish collection facility. 


INTERNET;  Free Wi-Fi is available. Before connecting you must read and agree the terms and conditions. Please phone the number below for the Wi-Fi code.


For enquiries, booking and any problems,

please ring   07713 114342   or   01793 731449

Village Hall Management Committee