Bushton & Clyffe Pypard Village Hall Facilities

Kindly supplied by Roderick Whiteman in association with Charles Harding Estate Agents
In any medical emergency First call 999 .
If appropriate send someone to get the defibrillator from the locked cabinet 
The cabinet is on the village hall its code C159X 
When you open the defibrillator, it will talk to you and give clear instructions what to do. 
You do not need to be medically trained to use a defibrillator.
If you wish you can go and practise unlocking the cabinet, If you have difficulty opening the cabinet call 07802 748401  
but do not practise opening the defibrillator as this will flatten the battery.
If you don’t know anyone nearby, contact the parish council and we will attempt to set you up with someone you can call in an emergency that lives close to the defibrillator and can collect it for you in an emergency.   
There are three things to remember, dial 999 , C159X to unlock cabinet ,
phone 07802 748401 for someone to collect defibrillator .