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  • Types of Gramedia notebooks

    Types of Gramedia notebooks

    Types of Gramedia notebooks There are many types of Gramedia notebooks. It’s time for school so it’s time for parents to prepare some equipment for children who are starting to study. Every child who starts school certainly prepares several textbooks and notebooks. Don’t forget that new books for new classes are ready to use. Although […]

  • The great self-development book

    The great self-development book

    The great self-development book A good self-development book for those of us who are getting bored. Not everyone gets rid of boredom by playing games or just lying down at home. To get rid of boredom, of course, do some activities that can keep you from feeling bored. There are some people who think that […]

  • How to Sell Books

    How to Sell Books

    How to Sell Books All writers would want their books to sell well, but not all writers will get the same thing. There are several ways to make your book sell well Publisher Clyffepypard-bushton – Those of you who feel the book you wrote is the best, then you can sell it to the publisher. […]

  • Romance Book

    Romance Book

    Romance Book Telling romantic things, of course, will make it easy for the reader to feel good things in his heart. Romantic books, of course, are not just telling a story, but romantic books can give tips. For those of you who are experiencing your first courtship, you have to do now what you have […]

  • Book element

    Book element

    Book element Elements of the book have many differences. There are many types of books circulating among the public. There are textbooks, notebooks, and exercise books. Various types of books can help improve one’s learning ability. The book itself has non-fiction and fiction elements. Of course, many people say that the contents of the book […]

  • Book


    Book A book is a piece of paper that contains both writing and pictures. By reading the book, there is a lot of history and a lot of insight that you will find. Even from books, you can become a successful person. When you read a good book make sure you review everything there is. […]

  • The origin of the legend

    The origin of the legend

    The origin of the legend Legend is a folklore that has several elements of stories about magical things. Many children, of course, like legendary stories. Each character in the story always brings exciting stories with a variety of storylines. Reading books is the main key to educating children to love books and love to read. […]

  • Sleep book

    Sleep book

    Sleep book Sleep books are one of the books that can help readers fall asleep quickly. Who would have thought that a paper filled with lots of writing and ink could make someone fall asleep? Maybe many of you will not believe it if you don’t try it yourself. Sleep books can help someone fall […]

  • Precious treasure

    Precious treasure

    Precious treasure What do you think is the most valuable treasure? Many think the most valuable treasure is money, gold, silver, and many other kinds. That’s true when you are asked what is the most valuable treasure. Of course, you still answer the same as what I wrote. But if the question is what is […]

  • Difference between comic and novel

    Difference between comic and novel

    Difference between comic and novel There are many differences between comics and novels. Many people think that comic books and novels are the same. But without them knowing it really isn’t. Various types of titles and readings continue to be present in the community. It becomes a habit when not reading comics or novels it […]