The difference between soft notebooks and ordinary notebooks

The difference between soft notebooks and ordinary notebooks

The difference between soft notebooks and ordinary notebooks

The difference between fine notebooks and ordinary notebooks can be seen from the shape of the book and the rows on each page of the book. Looking at notebooks brings back memories of the old school days. The period in which children begin to learn to write and read. When you first start school, of course, elementary school teachers will advise parents to buy soft notebooks.

Soft notebooks are often used in Latin writing. Teaching children to write better and make their writing more diligent and neat. At each stage of writing, of course, the teacher will also teach children to write in ordinary notebooks. In normal notebooks, they can write the type of writing they master and learn. Clyffepypard-bushton

Has a different lineup

Each different child character will have a different type of writing. Many people think that soft notebooks and regular notebooks are the same. Both are used to write words. But did you know that it turns out that soft notebooks and ordinary notebooks are very different?

Soft notebooks have a different line shapes. Formed 4 lines with different distances. The distance and line will help children write Latin script. Writing that will enable them to form beautiful and clear writing. Meanwhile, books can only have 2 lines.


Latin inscription
both are media of writing//Latin inscription

In these 2 lines, the writing will be written freely without having to follow directions like a fine notebook. Almost all books that are often used are ordinary writing books. An unbound book. But feel free to give the strokes and writing they want to use. Books are now often used instead of fine notebooks.

In ancient times, to form a Latin script, many used fine notebooks. Every stroke can be an unexpected masterpiece. Comparison of soft and ordinary writing books, namely:
Fine notebook
Latin inscription
Follow every row of books
Such a fine piece of writing

Ordinary notebook

Many are used by many people
Various forms of writing
Not limited by other ranks
Free to determine the pattern of writing they want