Sidu’s notebook

Sidu's notebook

Sidu’s notebook

Sidu’s notebook is the notebook most used and sought after by many people. Of course, those of you who have used Sidu will not be disappointed. It is different from other books which have a very different quality from Sidu’s notebooks. Sidu’s notebooks are also well known in many places, from within the country to abroad.

If you count again, of course, it has been a long time since Sidu’s book accompanied us all. There are many types of Sidu books available. From the cover model, and the paper material to the type of book you can find. If you compare other notebooks, of course, you will lose to Sidu. The material used is thick so that the writing does not penetrate down and the friction of the eraser will not make the book tear quickly.


Sidu’s books have accompanied us for quite a long time from our school days to the present. When you see the type, of course, you remember your school days using Sidu’s notebooks. The types of Sidu notebooks are: Clyffepypard-bushton


Is one type of Sidu book that is most widely used by people. You can choose books that have different levels of thickness according to your needs. From the thickness of 32 sheets up to 100 sheets of paper. Not only white, but the paper on the Sidu also has color.

Fine notebook

kind of sidu book//Book

While still in first grade, of course, you will be taught by the teacher how to write. A basic exercise that can help improve writing power so that it is neater and more readable. Soft writing books will train you how to write Latin letters. Every curve and direction can make writing beautiful. Soft writing books will also teach you to recognize uppercase and lowercase letters.


Mathematics or better known as a checkered book. Books are usually used to make diagrams and also write some numbers in big boxes. Large box books are also often used to write Mandarin letters. A piece of writing that will help you write clearly. Can count numbers correctly and not miss any letters written.