Short story

Short story

Short story

Every time the child is tired of playing and is actively trying to find out, the mother can take a storybook and tell the story to her child. Every time the child wants to sleep, he will ask his parents to tell stories every night before going to bed. The inspiration for stories that always help us as parents to be able to smoothly tell stories to children is short stories.

Short stories or more famously short stories. The story is not too long and can be understood by many people. Usually when we were still in elementary school or the children would be given short stories by our teachers or parents. Looks like a little story but is fun to read. Almost all short stories have different storylines. Interesting content by having unique pictures in each story makes children like and want to read it.

Start introducing children

Short stories can be found in children’s story books, magazines, children’s tabloids, and newspapers. Clyffepypard-bushton – Maybe many people are confused, how come there are short stories in newspapers and magazines? The short story is a story that is arranged in the form of short writing where each writing gives a precise, concise, and short storyline. Magazines and newspapers have short stories that will help parents who are looking for inspiration for their children before going to bed.

Sometimes the child who cannot sleep will ask his parents to accompany him. There are those who ask to be sung sleep songs, and some are asked to be told a story so they can fall asleep. Short stories can be written and made by everyone. You just need to know the steps so you can easily make short stories.

Helping children love reading

Many think that making short stories is easy and not complicated. Even though it looks easy, short story makers, whether beginners or experts, sometimes have difficulty making short stories. Determining the theme of the story and the storyline is sometimes not easy, you have to find some inspiration that can make the readers like and interested.

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Short stories are known to have many literary works. The unique form of the story is summarized in 10,000 words. The short story also comes in an illustrated version where the duration of the story is filled with some unique pictures with beautiful colors. The presence of the children’s version of the short story certainly gets a warm welcome from parents and other educators. Helping children become fond of reading.

Features and structure of manufacture

There are several characteristics of short stories that we can find in every story in books, magazines, newspapers, and children’s and adult tabloids. These characteristics are:

– The story is fictional and not real

– Has a word order of 10,000 words

– In short, stories get messages and advice for readers

– The storyline has one way

– Short storyline

– Easy-to-understand flow

Short stories are also not just made. You have to know the structure of the short story so that the storyline is interesting. In the structure of the short story, there are usually conflicts, the atmosphere of the story, events, the storyline, and the completion of the story.

With these characteristics, we can know how to recognize short stories. Based on the year after year, the short story continues to change and will certainly make the readers like it. Because the era is sophisticated, readers can also enjoy it through applications and cell phones. Which makes it easy to read anytime and anywhere.