The most expensive book in the world

The most expensive book in the world

The most expensive book in the world

The most expensive book in the world has hidden meaning and value. Many of us know that books are windows to the world. A book that can teach many things to many people. It doesn’t look at the status and can be read by anyone. There are many types of books that you can find.

Starting from reading books to practicing book questions. Of all the books that you often see and read, there are also books that have a long life. Of course, you are not curious about the book. Here are some types of books that have very expensive prices, namely:

The codex of Leicester

Clyffepypard-bushton – The book was created by Leonardo da Vinci. A book that explains the theory, observations of the world, and the ideas of the author. If you observe, of course, you will feel that this book is not ready for sale. But did you know that The codex of Leicester was successfully sold at a very high price?

The book of Mormons

A book that turned out to be made for the followers of ancient Mormonism. Even though it is old and old, it turns out that it can still be sold at a high price.

Magna carta
put a high price//Magna Carta

The gospels of henry the lion

The book tells about a period of work that is quite risky. The period when there was illumination in northern Germany. Almost long enough for the book to start appearing again for six weeks a year it would appear in the middle of the library.

The Magna Carta
If you want to find out about ancient principles, you can use the Magna Carta book. Some people who like history will of course immediately buy books that contain content about life in the past. A law that can make people submit not only to ordinary people but even to the story of the king is in the Magna Carta book.