Types of Gramedia notebooks

Types of Gramedia notebooks

Types of Gramedia notebooks

There are many types of Gramedia notebooks. It’s time for school so it’s time for parents to prepare some equipment for children who are starting to study. Every child who starts school certainly prepares several textbooks and notebooks. Don’t forget that new books for new classes are ready to use.

Although many systems are already sophisticated and cool. But still can’t beat the notebook. There are many types of notebooks available at Gramedia. Different shapes and different motives managed to make other people fooled. Of course, for those of you who want to buy books, you must also be interested in the motives they have.

Recognize its function and use

Clyffepypard-bushton – But apart from the motive, it turns out that at Gramedia, it’s not just the book covers that are cute and interesting, but the paper material they have is also different. The difference in material is also distinguished by price as well as books made of thin and thick materials. Each notebook also has different functions and uses.

So to buy a book you have to check first which one you need. So that you don’t buy the wrong things and don’t make books pile up in the cupboard. To get notebooks, you can start buying them at bookstores or also from people who sell books. It turns out that Gramedia also has several different book brands, such as:


One type of notebook that has been widely used and known throughout the world. The book has a fairly thick material and is also not rough. Almost all people use Sidu notebooks. Notebooks turned out to be more popular in many circles. The quality of Sidu’s notebook is so good that many people use it. Not only the book material, but SIDU also presents unique and beautiful colors and book covers.

Apart from SIDU, there are also Estudee books. A notebook that has size B5 and quarto. The material used is very thick so you don’t need to be afraid. In addition, the Estudee book also has quite a lot of book pages.

there are many types of notebooks//ESTUDEE

One of the notebooks that turn out to be well known by many foreigners. This pretty good quality can compete with Sidu’s notebooks.